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What Is Coaching

Coaching is an alliance between the coach and the client.  Its only purpose is to help you – the client – achieve your goals.   I am trained to provide an environment which allows you to discover what you really want and how to get it.  Complete CONFIDENTIALITY and lack of judgment assure that you can be honest and proceed in a safe space, while my lack of attachment to the result (only interested in what YOU want most) guarantees that you will not be influenced by outside factors.

I use the co-active coaching model along with emotional intelligence, NLP and conversational intelligence (C-IQ).  Co-active coaching believes that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and are capable of finding the solutions to the challenges they face.  Through many questions, digging deep into your answers and challenging your assumptions, I help you to get motivated, think clearly and get focused on finding ways to achieve your objectives.  I elicit solutions and strategies from my clients, while providing support to enhance their skills, resources and creativity.  I hold you accountable to attain your goals.

I believe that all parts of people’s lives – their careers, relationships, recreation, personal growth, and finances for example – are interrelated and may be addressed on the way to the client’s goal.  I coach the whole person to extraordinary results.
Some of the areas in which I help my clients include:

  • Enhancing the enjoyment of life by identifying important values which may currently not be honored;

  • Learning how the brain’s neurochemistry works in order to prime for communication and communicate in a way that yields trust and co-creation on both sides to achieve individual and team aspirations,

  • Creating an action plan and accountability towards achieving any goals the client may have;

  • Helping to create a more fulfilling and balanced life by helping recognize the need for powerful choices among sometimes conflicting interests;

  • Helping to view events from different perspectives in order to empower responses that lead to the most positive personal results.

You may have a specific area in your life where you could use some clarification, motivation or decision-making, such as an inability to speak up for your interest, make time for a specific activity, change jobs, find a partner or move to another city. Or you may just want to get to a higher level of happiness and satisfaction all around by looking at what your ideal life would be and taking the necessary steps to get there.

I invite you to experience coaching through a sample session in order to truly understand how it can help you.

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